As Director, Actor, Writer and Executive Producer:

Pilot / Short Film
Pilot / Short Film
Feature film
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Pilot / Short Film

As Actor, Co-Writer and Executive Producer:

Short Film

As Actor:

                          Feature film

                      Feature film

As Writer and Screenwriter:

  • Life REBORN Short Film
  • COVID-19 Project Documentary Film / Docufiction / Series 
  • I! When the heaven is on earth... Book and Script for: Feature Film / Series
  • «INVICTA» The last chance… Feature film / Series / Docufiction
  • "SAFE" Feature film / Miniseries 
  • REDEMPTION Feature film
  • «COLOR» When white is the slave... Feature Film / Series
  • ULISES Feature film
  • «TOLTÉN» Underwater people... Documentary film
  • ORCHESTRA Feature film
  • PRESIDENT  Short Film
  • TIME Short Film
  • CHRISTIAN TERROR Feature Film / Short Film
  • NAZI HOME Feature film 
  • ROOM FOR RENT Serie  
  • BEAUTY Variety TV
  • APPLAUSE Variety TV