Marcel Rafael Barragán Araya

Marcel Rafael Barragán Araya works as aFilmmaker (Director, Writer, Executive Producer and Actor) with Multiple International Awards in: United States (California – Los Angeles-, Texas, Florida, Connecticut, New Jersey and New York), Mexico, Panama, Uruguay, India, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Romania and Portugal, among which stand out: Best Writer, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Original Idea, Best Film, Best Human Content, Best Children's Programming and Best Narrative Film with his Production Life REBORN (2023), made in Panama in collaboration with NASA for the Cinespace call. Project in which he was Director, Screenwriter, Executive Producer and Main Actor with 50 Awards (49 International and 1 National) so far…

A great achievement in his career as a Filmmaker was his Feature Film REDEMPTION in which he served as: Director, Screenwriter, Executive Producer and Main Actorto benefit children with cancer. Winner at the Film Festival «Entre Largos y Cortos de Oriente» in the category of Best New Film (2015), and nominated in all categories of the Festival FECIVE (2016). In addition to his other projects: I! when heaven is on earth… (2017) Short Film and Pilot with Script for Feature Film and TV Series inspired by his book called YO! When heaven is on earth..., «COLOR» (2019).

He began his first steps in the world of acting in the year 2003; with prominent figures in the art, and debuted with a monologue written by himself called The Alterego. In 2004, he joined the National Theater Company. Shortly after, and under the guidance of the Film Director Elia Schneider, he trained under the methods of Konstantín Stanislavski, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner, graduating with honors and where he awakened his passion for Cinema, and then entered the Venevisión Academy (2006).

He also studies Locution and between 2005 and 2011 he participates as a part-time actor in the RCTV Soap Operas: Nadie Me Dirá Como Quererte, Camaleona, Te Tengo en Salsa, Por todo Lo Alto , Negra Consentida, Ser Bonita No Basta y Amantes. Venevisión: De Todas Maneras Rosa (Character: Alexis Adames), in the Colombian-Venezuelan production Los Secretos de Lucía (Character: Camacho), Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas, La Vida Entera, Tomasa Te Quiero, Mujer Perfecta, Arroz con Leche, Torrente, Ciudad Bendita, Príncipe Azul y Los Querendones. Televen: Guayoyo Express y Gato Tuerto. .

Motivated by his Philanthropy, he created the Mundo Ayuda Foundation (2010); while he delved into Cinematographic and Script Techniques, to take his first step in the Seventh Art with the Short Film Project 33 «The Delivery» ( 2011) (Actor, Co-writer and Executive Producer); for the benefit of the elderly, in addition to Producing Concerts and Sports Events.

Studies in Gestalt Therapy and Counseling. Fitness Instructor, certified by the Institute of Human Performance (IHP) of the United States. Parachutist and Paraglider.

He is currently developing upcoming projects: Feature Films, Short Films and TV Series.