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Marcel Barragán, his passion and film training with the practice of Therapy and Counseling. process awakens in the year 2005 where he learns stage techniques with quite deep psychological tools. A fact that led him a few years later to formally study Gestalt Therapy or Psychotherapy and Counseling for his development, and also, to be applied to others at the Individual, Couples, Group, Organizational or Corporate level, Filming Sets, Scripts and more.

¿What is Therapy for Marcel Barragán and why go to it?

To avoid talking about theories and technicalities that you can read in many places, I will only comment from my personal experience. When I started studying Gestalt I didn't know that I had to go through Personal Therapies, otherwise I wouldn't be able to continue. So I did, and still do after several years. I keep getting to know myself and finding myself with each passing day, from the Communion between Thought, Body and Emotion. The only way to understand the existence of another and to be able to offer them tools is by understanding my own existence.

Maybe if you start by getting up, you can show someone else how to do it. Therapy is a Guide, it shows the way. It is the responsibility of this job, and I learned that by going to Therapy, it is the basis of this Profession.

The therapeutic process is far from giving advice, no one is told what to do, because each patient has the Power to Get Up. I am looking for the person in front of me to realize something; and that his level of Consciousness rises. Well, I have no doubt that everyone is Potentially Capable of overcoming whatever is happening to them. From Free Choice and from Possibility, not from what has been learned. Regardless of what that Election means to others, it is Personal and always with a view to Health.

The answers are within each one. For we are something beyond this mere existence.

                                Marcel Barragán


Anecdote about Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt Therapy.

Some frequently asked questions

Is it very expensive to go to therapy?

It depends on the Therapist. My rate is variable and I can adjust to each patient without problem, and even to the frequency with which they attend. En este momento no estoy cobrando la primera consulta. Así que agéndate y hablamos.

How many times do I have to go?

The number of sessions will depend on many factors. In general, you will be able to recognize when you pause the therapies. In my case, it is you who schedules when you want, because it is your process and it must flow voluntarily.

How long does a session last?

60 minutes.

Is it only me who talks in therapy? 

A dialogue is usually established, but it will depend on what you bring and your characteristics. The important thing is that you bring an approach or topic to therapy. Everything is important, even what you can consider as a detail can have great therapeutic content.

Is it normal to be embarrassed about going to therapy?

It is common, even considered a taboo subject. Most people avoid going to therapy despite needing it, since there are still many social prejudices. Trust with the Therapist will eliminate shame and anxiety in the following therapies. I say this from experience.

Do you only talk about the past and traumas?

The answer is no. You would be limiting the therapy and its full scope. You can even talk about the future, which is a very important topic, or your dreams. The same present can be a great conflict for you and you still haven't realized it. The past is usually very common with everything that lives in it, because somehow you have been existing.

Can people change?

It depends on what you call change. For me we change every day and in many ways. And the fact of going to therapy is a beautiful call to change if you want it that way, it depends on you, it's a choice.

How will I know if the therapy will work for me?

In the first consultation I make an assessment of what may be happening; since not everything is up to a Therapist. Based on that I can treat you, or refer you to another health professional as the case may be. Now, if it is a therapeutic process, remember that you will always be free to choose what to do based on your results, it is you who decides, not the Therapist.

 What kind of problems can we work on in our therapeutic consultation?

I can tell you about some issues, however, and as I said before, something that you consider a small detail but can have great therapeutic content.

Some topics:

  • Anxiety.
  • Emotions.
  • Thoughts.
  • Labor Problems / Work Stress.
  • Fears and Phobias.
  • Sensation of Vital Emptiness.
  • Purpose.
  • Duels or Farewells.
  • Family.
  • Couples (both even).
  • Food problems.
  • Migration.
  • Life's sense.
  • Complexes.
  • And much more…

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